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About Solar Energy Glass

Okandan Glass produce solar energy glass for collector glass and solar glass.

Solar collectors can make hot water and collectors can make electricity, use tempered float glass, tempered patterned glass and low iron patterned glass. We advice different glass types to different location. To increase durable glass against external factors, we make tempering process.

In below table, you can check technical informations of glass

Okandan Cam - GneŸ Enerjisi Camlar - 01Okandan Cam - GneŸ Enerjisi Camlar - 02
Okandan Cam - GneŸ Enerjisi Camlar - 05Okandan Cam - GneŸ Enerjisi Camlar - 04

Aşağıdaki tabloda kullanmakta olduğumuz camların performans değerlerini görebilirsiniz.


Performance and Thickness
ProductThicknessDay Light Transmission
T d65
Solar Energy Transmission
T sol
DuraSolar® P 4,2 +0 / -0,4mm % 90.00 %86.00


Performance and Thickness
ProductThicknessDay Light Transmission T d65Solar Energy Transmission
T sol
Durasolar® P+Prizma 3,2 + / -0,2 mm % 91.40% 91.40
Durasolar® P+Prizma
4 +0,2 / -0,2mm % 92.00 % 91.50
Durasolar® P+Prizma
3,2 + / -0,2 mm % 92.10 % 91.60
Durasolar® P+Prizma
4 +0,2 / -0,2mm % 92.00 % 91.30

News and Annoncements

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