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Okandan Glass produces insulating glass which can provide thermal control, solar control, thermal and solar control, safety and security requirements according to the geographical location of the building. Our glasses use silicone siding and facade cladding systems. Our Glasses provide professional solutions for facade cladding systems.

We can print requirements Ral codes on glasses with our professional team in our R & D department.

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Solar control glasses,

  • Enable a comfortable environment by limiting solar heat gains to the interior and by controlling sun's excessive glare.
  • Provide reduction in cooling energy consumption and expenses in air-conditioned environments.
  • Solar control glass range of Trakya Cam offering various alternatives to users in terms of solar control performance, color, reflection, and benefit from sunlight includes following products:
  • TRC Helio®, body tinted glasses,
  • TRC Aura Reflekta, on-line coated reflective solar control glass,
  • TRC Tentesol®, TRC Tentesol T®, on-line pyrolytic coated reflective solar control glasses,
  • Off-line Coated Reflective Solar Control Glasses.

  • Solar control performance of glass is determined by the total amount of solar radiant energy entering the room through the glass, and is expressed as solar factor. Solar factor varies according to the quantity of energy transmitted directly and the quantity of energy absorbed.


  • In geographical regions, where summers and winters are both experienced throughout the year, it is important for glass to provide heat insulation and solar control as well. Heat and solar control glasses have to be used for decreasing heat loss during the cold days and for limiting solar heat gains during the hot days of the year.
  • Heat and solar control properties can be provided by applying a coating on the surface of the glass or by incorporating a solar control glass and a heat control glass within an insulating glass unit separately.


  • Noise Control Glasses attenuate the outside noise, which is a danger for human health. Transforming high level of outside noise into the tranquility of a library is possible with the Noise Control Glass along with wall, roof and frame having sound insulation properties.
  • The practical means of controlling noise is to increase glass thickness. In addition, using different thickness of glasses or using one of the glasses as Lameks® in Isıcam® insulating glass units contribute to noise control, too.
  • Acoustic laminated glass of Trakya Cam offers better sound insulation for places where there is excessively high levels of noise.

Acoustic laminated glass can be used as single glazing or in insulating glass unit to improve sound insulation performance of a window. Acoustic laminated glass consists of two panes of glass joined together through a sound absorbing interlayer under heat and pressure.

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